Multi-age Homeschool Immersion by Nancy Kelly

“Teaching is not a technique exercised by the skilled on behalf of the unskilled. It is a sharing of the effort to know, using all that is best in the world of books, of music, of pictures, all that can be observed and cherished out of doors, all that hand and eye can make; all that religion, history, art, mathematics and science can reveal to the active mind.” -from The Story of Charlotte Mason 

Join me in this “sharing of the effort to know” at the 2019 CMI Midwestern conference. The focus will be on subjects that can be successfully combined with multiple ages, an organizing strategy that has allowed me to keep grace and peace in my home when planning school for my six children. Attendees assume the role of the student, experiencing firsthand the different forms of narration, the banquet of ideas, and the concept of self-education. Subject areas that may be presented include Bible, dictation, citizenship, Shakespeare, history, geography, hymn, folksong, poetry, copywork, composer study, picture study, handcrafts, nature study, literature, architecture, and natural history. 

A recent attendee has written an insightful description of her experience with this class: 

Participating in Nancy’s Multi-Age Homeschool Immersion was insightful for our homeschool in many ways. First, and most importantly, it brought more grace and peace into our home because I had not fully understood the Mason theme that “the only education is self-education.” It is one thing to teach using the Charlotte Mason method and another to be taught. Being immersed as a student showed me that narration is not as easy as it looks from behind the book! It really helped me to start listening for what my children heard as opposed to what they didn’t hear. When I went home to be a teacher, I had more empathy for the work that it takes to be a student using the Mason Method. Secondly, the immersion really gave me peace and assurance that educating my children can be as simple as excellent books and engaging conversation. Nancy brought both those things to the class. She introduced the class to some lovely living books (some of which my children have adored!), and brought her years of experience to provide reassurance and confidence. Lastly, it was enlightening to process everything with the group, gaining confidence in what I already did well and recognizing some things I could add or do differently. 

Nancy blogs and shares wisdom from her 24 years of experience with the Charlotte Mason philosophy and lifestyle at her website, Sage Parnassus


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