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Last call to sign up for CMI Study Groups!

CMI Study Groups give you the Place to Connect for community and discussion, Support to Learn as you study together, and Encouragement to Grow as you live a relational education.

Ami needs structure and accountability!

“I appreciate having an accountability reading group online, as there aren’t any in my area.  Hearing perspectives from both veteran parents and those who are in similar places to me in the journey opens up the readings to me, as well as making sure I DO read!” – Ami


Gretchen feels more equipped to mentor those around her!

I encourage everyone to consider carving out the time to engage in one of these learning and community building opportunities!

In the Fall of 2017, I joined two different study groups – a Volume 1 group that was through the Alveary, and a Volume 6 group that was a Community Study w CMI.

Our four children, whom were all partially homeschooled throughout their formal education years, are grown and ‘launched’ and I am now in preparation mode planning to be involved in helping provide a CM education for other families and their children.

I joined these study groups so I may reconnect with former knowledge I carry ‘latently’ and learn new depths of understanding and application of CM’s educational philosophy and practices for the season ahead of me.  Both groups became beneficial to me on several levels. I found by committing to be involved with them it helped to keep me motivated to move along through the reading of the volumes. The dialogue with others was pleasant, intellectually informative and stirred me to think deeper about certain aspects of the readings covered. I also experienced it as a respectful space to seek greater understanding, share occasional questions for better grasp and application of ideas, and perhaps carry a different view or experience sometimes. Both sets of facilitators have been pleasant as well as skilled at navigating us through the content assigned, pulling out ideas and dialogue, and being positive and encouraging along the way.

Lastly, but not of least value is the growing sense of community I am enjoying; particularly as I have begun year two with some of the same individuals, and after having seen and spoken with a few of them as well at the recent CMI conference. The time I have set apart to commit to be a part of these study groups has been a meaningful time for me- and though I would have valued even more, sharing actual physical time and space together, that is not available in my community at present.  It is special to be speaking with like hearted and minded educators planted in all different places of the country, together seeking to stay inspired, encouraged and growing in the same pursuits and yet implementing in different ‘venues’.

Thank you devoted CMI staff and facilitators for your time and efforts that make this possible.


Gretchen Forte


Tracy appreciates the experienced input without excessive reading and extra time away from home!

I highly recommend the Charlotte Mason Institutes Community Study Groups for walking through Charlotte Mason’s Volumes. I have been in a Thursday afternoon group for quite some time and I am so grateful to have found it! In that group I have not only been able to process nearly half of Volume 1, but I have made many friends with mothers who are in different places in their Charlotte Mason “walk”. Those who have not yet begun, others like me that are just starting their second full year with a 6th grader, and even those with teens and older off at college! So much can be learned from all of these different friends when we meet. I find myself looking forward very much to our one hour together on those afternoons. I have found a local study group, but it simply proved too much to take on with drive time, time away from home and excessive reading. I have found that we bite off just enough to chew in our online group. Zoom makes it easy to meet up from within my home and hang out with my supportive friends! I encourage you to give it a try. Charlotte Mason Institute’s study groups truly are a community! One more great thing! If you happen to miss a group, they are recorded so that you can listen later! This is a huge tool I have found useful even after attending the group. So much information to glean! 


CMI Community Study Groups, Facilitator Study Groups, and Alveary Study Groups begin in less than two weeks! Spaces are limited! For more details and a chance to win a FREE study term – 

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