Terms and Conditions

Mason’s Alveary High School Pilot
2019-20 School Year

Terms and Conditions

We are crafting a solid Mason High School program and we welcome your participation; however, we want you to be fully aware that this is a work in progress and still under construction. Please see the following samples: Sample Schedule, Sample Lesson Plans by Week, and Sample Lesson Plans by Subject.


  1. Only one term’s program will be sent out at a time (based on the schedule below) so that we can use the exam responses to fine tune the book choices and lesson plans. This means that you will not be able to see the big picture of when books are scheduled across the whole year. (We are also striving to stay abreast of some of the recently-published books and dealing with the fickle in-print and out-of-print status of older books.)
  2. Although some books will be used for multiple terms, some books may be dropped after a single term. Sometimes we might slot a book for a term, evaluate responses on exams, and decide to use the book in a different Form or not at all. Until we have sufficient exam feedback, no book has earned a definite place in the curriculum.
  3. The first term’s program for the High School forms will be available July 1st.
  4. The lesson plans will be available August 1st.
  5. Although you can follow whatever school calendar you would like in your home or school, the Alveary High School Pilot will assume a start date between August 12th and September 16th.
  6. All exams, programs, and lesson plans will be published based on these dates to ensure a majority of exam responses are available to us. We will assume at least a week’s break between terms. Likewise, a week’s break at Thanksgiving, two weeks’ break at Christmas, and a week’s break at Easter are assumed. As a result, our materials will be published according to the following schedule:

a. Term 1 Exams and Term 2 Programs will be published October 26th.
b. Term 2 Lesson plans will be published November 9th.
c. Term 2 Exams and Term 3 Programs will be published February 15th.
d. Term 3 Lesson plans will be published February 29th.
e. Term 3 exams will be published May 23.


  1. The Alveary Knowledge Base, Charlotte Mason’s Alveary Tutorial, Scope and Sequence and monthly webinars provide a wealth of Mason teacher training that is applicable for the upper years; however, specific teacher training for the upper years is under construction and will not be completed for the 2019-2020 school year.
  2. We expect you to be reading Mason’s writings and participating in a local study group. Those without a local group are highly encouraged to make use of CMI’s online study groups. (Space is limited.) There is a thread in the Hive as well where HS pilot members can interact, ask questions, and provide community support.
  3. Programs should be worked in as many subjects as possible. Substitutions for certain books or subjects may be made at your discretion based on the needs of your student. (We will not provide exam questions for books you choose to substitute.)
  4. We require that your student answers the applicable exam questions at the end of each term, scans the answers and sends them in as instructed in the exam document.
  5. Occasional surveys will be sent out and are required to be returned.
  6. Because our attention is focused on creating and fine-tuning the curriculum, we are unable to offer individual consultations at this time.
  7. The programs, lesson plans, and other components of the Alveary are for Alveary members only and may not be lent, given, or sold to non-members at any time.
  8. As with the rest of the Alveary curriculum, registration is non-refundable and non-transferrable.