Charlotte Mason’s Alveary Membership


To provide a comprehensive curriculum and teacher training resources that follow Charlotte Mason’s educational model.

We aim to make available a 21st-century course of study for children ages 6-18. In 2008 the Charlotte Mason Institute partnered with Redeemer University College and The Armitt Museum and Library to digitize the Charlotte Mason archives in Ambleside, United Kingdom. As a result, the world now has access to more information on Mason’s educational model than ever before. CMI also recently acquired an entire set of the Parents’ Review which we are using to enhance our understanding of Mason.

Our ongoing research to analyze and cross-reference PNEU programmes, Mason’s six Volumes, the books Mason used, and Parents’ Review articles has given us more clarity than was previously possible. All of the discoveries and patterns that we find are subsequently incorporated into our curriculum and training. We believe our analysis of these primary-source documents allows us to grow ever closer to understanding Mason’s original model and to using her principles as we attempt to apply them to a 21st-century, American audience. (A Canadian Alveary is currently in development for Forms 1-3.)



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