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“Teaching is not a technique exercised by the skilled on behalf of the unskilled. It is a sharing of the effort to know, using all that is best in the world of books, of music, of pictures, all that can be observed and cherished out of doors, all that hand and eye can make; all that religion, history, art, mathematics …

The countdown to the 2019 Charlotte Mason Institute conference season has officially begun! We at Charlotte Mason’s Alveary could not be more excited to share with you what is new for the 2019-20 school year. It will begin with our pre-conference immersion session. This year we will be implementing actual lesson plans from the 2019-20 school year for elementary grades …

Last call to sign up for CMI Study Groups!  www.cmi-main.x2v79wt8-liquidwebsites.com/study-groups/ CMI Study Groups give you the Place to Connect for community and discussion, Support to Learn as you study together, and Encouragement to Grow as you live a relational education. Ami needs structure and accountability! “I appreciate having an accountability reading group online, as there aren’t any in my area.  Hearing …